The Lasik Pioneer

Dr. Rothchild is a PIONEER in the field of Laser Eye Surgery

Dr. Eric Rothchild, LASIK Surgery pioneer, was the INVENTOR of the following LASIK surgical instruments in conjunction with AKORN Ophthalmics:

Rothchild Eye Institute
  • M99-130 Rothchild LASIK Titanium Lid Speculum
  • M6-376 Rothchild LASIK Titanium Market
  • M6-377 Rothchild LASIK Titanium Spatula
  • M6-378 Rothchild Double-Ended LASIK Titanium Retreatment Spatula
  • M6-380 Rothchild LASIK Titanium Retreatment Spatula
  • A6-3811 Rothchild Double-Ended LASIK Retreatment Spatula
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