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In the past year, LASIK surgery has grown in popularity as an alternative to glasses and contact lenses for people suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. But there are some things the blitz of advertisements and clinics you've visited aren't telling you. Board certified, fellowship-trained, cornea-refractive specialist, Eric Rothchild, M.D., wants to help the public discern the LASIK myth from reality.

Dr. Rothchild is well qualified to advise our readers on the subject as he has performed over 4,000 LASIK procedures and allmost 15,000 refractive procedures. He enjoys an international reputation among his peers for being at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and new procedures.

MYTH: All LASIK doctors have the same qualifications.

TRUTH: Independent research has shown that the risk of surgical complications in LASIK is greatly reduced if the procedure is performed by a board-certified, fellowship-trained, cornea-refractive specialist. It is imperative to research the credentials and experience of your surgeon. Any ophthalmologist is actually able to perform LASIK after attending a weekend training course. Dr. Rothchild was involved in the original research of the procedure in 1987 and has over 13 years of experience using the laser.

Rothchild Eye Institute will examine patient's eye care needs and let them know whether LASIK is the right choice. Dr. Rothchild is pioneering advances in eye surgery and currently running clinical trials on Artisan implantable contact lens.

MYTH: I wear glasses, I should get LASIK.

TRUTH: Not necessarily. Unlike most of the discount centers, the Rothchild Eye Institute is able to offer patients many alternatives to LASIK, dependent on the patient's best interest."Not everybody is a suitable candidate for LASIK. Perhaps their cornea is too thin or too flat, or their prescription is too high. These people will be more prone to glare or halo effect." Dr. Rothchild is one of 20 surgeons nationwide conducting clinical trials of the Artisan implantable contact lens. The Artisian technology does not involve any reshaping of the cornea and may be a better alternative for some patients.

MYTH: With all the advertised deals on LASIK, I can get a real bargain on my surgery.

TRUTH: Dr. Rothchild confirms news reports stating that due to the populairity of the procedure, many centers advertising low rates are concentrating on volume, and not necessarily the best interest of the patient. The staff in many of these facilities is not likely to dissuade borderline patients from having the surgery. He urges people not to be swayed by bargain on surgery - good medicine never goes on sale. Cost is an irrelevant issue if you don't have a good outcome.

MYTH: LASIK can give me perfect vision.

TRUTH:"It's remarkable what we do, but one can only alter Mother Nature so much," Dr. Rothchild explains. However, Dr. Rothchild's results are among the best in the nation. 92 percent of his LASIK patients achieve 20/20 or better. 100 percent of his patients achieve 20/40 or better (the vision needed to drive without glasses in Florida). The need for an enhancement or"fine tuning" after surgery is currently 15-25 percent of patients nationwide. At the Rothchild Eye Institute, the enhancement rate is less than 2 percent. Dr. Rothchild's attention to detail, use of the finest equipment, extensive knowledge and experience combine to produce the results.

The Artisan trial is almost completed; so, what's next for the trialblazer?"I'm working on a miniture contact lens which we will place under a flap without using the laser, to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. I'm also involved with new technology for the treatment of presbyopia, which is the need for reading glasses in people 40 and over."

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