Custom LASIK


The Technology Behind the Procedure

Wavefront Technology: New scanning technology takes LASIK to an entirely new, personalized level. Scanning technology provides your doctor with a unique map of your eye, allowing the surgeon to tailor your LASIK procedure to the unique characteristics of your vision. The procedure is groundbreaking because it has the potential to improve not only how much you see, but also how well you can se, in terms of contrast sensitivity and fine detail.

Custom mapping provides a precise, more detailed analysis of the way your entire optical system operates. With the map, your surgeon can have a detailed understanding of your vision-correction needs for the development of your personalized laser vision plan. This information is then transferred to the laser, enabling the surgeon to customize your LASIK procedure. The final result is a treatment as unique as your DNA or your fingerprint.

With custom LASIK, a tracking device is used. By automatically tracking the tiny motion of your eye, a new level of accuracy and safety is achieved.

Taking the mystery out of Laser Vision Correction

The custom LASIK process begins with a consultation to inform you about the technology and the procedure. An evaluation follows to assess your overall eye health and to measure and create a detailed and unique map of your eyes. On the day of the procedure, your individual correction information is transferred directly to the laser. Custom LASIK works by gently reshaping the cornea with the cool beam form the laser to remove microscopic amounts of tissue-less than the thickness of a human hair in most cases-to create a new curvature. The procedure typically takes several seconds and the majority of patients feel little or no discomfort. Many notice immediate results, and vision continues to improve over several days. Routine follow-up visits complete the process.

The Wave Print System for Laser Eye Correction

Dr. Rothchild is pleased to offer one of the latest technologies in laser vision correction – The Wave Print System.

The WavePrint System allows Dr. Rothchild to personalize your laser vision correction. Your vision is unique - as personal as your fingerprint. The WavePrint System gives Dr. Rothchild treatment options that are truly personalized to your visual needs.

The WavePrint System includes:

  • The WavePrint Map
  • 3D ActiveTalk™ Eyetracker
  • Variable Spot Scanning

Now for the first time, the WavePrint Map provides information on more than just the corneal surface of your eye. It reveals the way your entire optical system processes light.

The WavePrint Map provides a new level of diagnostic information previously unavailable to the doctor. Using this information, Dr Rothchild can:

  • Accurately assess whether you’re a good candidate for laser vision correction. The WavePrint Map is the gold standard in vision correction should obtain a WavePrint Map as the first step.
  • Personalize your treatment plan to your unique vision. The WavePrint Map permits this kind of personalized planning.

The WavePrint Map: from the cosmos to your eye doctor’s office

  • The WavePrint Map is derived from technology first developed to correct distortions or light waves from space. This allowed researchers to accurately view images of stars and planets.
  • The WavePrint Map uses the same technology to measure light waves as they travel through your eye. This technology provides a precise and more detailed analysis of your vision.

An FDA-approved procedure

The U.S. FDA has approved laser vision correction as an alternative to eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Are you a good candidate?

Ask Dr Rothchild if you can benefit from the WavePrint™ System of personalized laser vision correction. Ask for your own WavePrint Map and consultation - and see the possibilities.

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