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Unlike typical accommodating intraocular replacement lenses, Crystalens lenses can correct both your cataracts and presbyopia and restore your full range of vision. They mimic your eye's natural lens, flexing and allowing you to see better at all distances.

Crystalens dynamically adjusts to your visual needs and reduces or even eliminates your dependence on glasses.

The procedure is quick, simple and allows for relatively fast healing. This safe and painless procedure typically starts with eye-numbing drops and a micro-seal being made at the edge of the cornea. The natural lens is gently washed away and Crystalens is implanted quickly and without sensation.

The recovery period is usually short. After a follow-up visit, most patients are able to pursue normal activities almost immediately after surgery.

The Crystalens procedure can be done at the Rothchild Eye Institute on patients with or without cataracts, and on patients over 50 years old that wish to improve their near, intermediate, and distance vision.

"I have been confidently implanting the Crystalens since its FDA approval in 2003 and my Crystalens patients represent many of the happiest patients in my practice."

-Eric J. Rothchild, MD

Phakic IOL

Suffering from nearsightedness or farsightedness?

A new procedure entitled Phakic IOL may be right for you. Dr. Rothchild continues his pioneering efforts in the field of refractive surgery with his innovative work on Phakic IOL.

Click on the press releases below to learn more on the Phakic IOL procedure.

Local Eye Surgeon Was First In Florida to Implant Specialized Lens to Correct Severe Nearsightedness - 
January 10, 2000

First Eye Surgeon In Florida to Implant Specialized Lens to Correct Severe Nearsightedness Now Involved in Study to Correct Severe Farsightedness - July 10, 2000

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