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Local Eye Surgeon Was First In Florida to Implant Specialized Lens to Correct Severe Nearsightedness


Boca Raton, FL - On January 10, 2000, Dr. Eric Rothchild of the Rothchild Eye Institute in Delray Beach, Florida performed a new and unique surgical procedure to correct severe nearsightedness. Dr. Rothchild was the first doctor in Florida to perform ARTISAN™ Lens Surgery as a primary investigator in a nationwide FDA clinical study. This new technique involves implanting a small plastic lens into the eye between the cornea (clear front portion of the eye) and colored iris. It is an outpatient procedure, which takes approximately thirty minutes. The lens has been likened to an implantable contact lens that is permanent and maintenance free.

Dr. Rothchild is one of only twenty surgeons in the USA that have qualified and been chosen to participate in this very important and exciting two-year clinical investigation. Dr. Rothchild was chosen because of his extensive refractive surgery experience. He has performed over 10,000 refractive procedures including over 4,000 LASIK procedures.

Benefits of the Artisan Lens by Ophtec USA

The ARTISAN™ Lens has been used in Europe for over ten years and is fully approved outside the United States. OPHTEC USA, the Boca Raton company that makes the lens, is conducting clinical investigations as required by the US Food and Drug Administration to demonstrate the level of safety and effectiveness associated with the lens.

The unique characteristic of the ARTISAN™ Lens is its ability to correct the vision of severely nearsighted patients who may not be candidates for traditional refractive surgical procedures such as Radial Keratotomy, PRK, and LASIK. ARTISAN™ Lens Surgery is considered to be a relatively reversible and extremely successful refractive procedure.

Inquiries regarding the surgical procedure performed on January 10, 2000 by Dr. Rothchild, should be directed to the office.

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